Data Focused Services

Hire a Data Scientist

Hiring qualified data scientists is hard. Not only are there more open positions than people to fill them, but it’s also often difficult to find the right level of expertise among applicants.

That’s where NatecData comes in.

Data Science Training

Looking for a way to increase the skills of your current data team?

We offer a variety of training sessions designed to take your team’s skills to the next level.

Project Specific

Do you have a specific project which requires a team of Data Scientists? Our skilled and dedicated professionals are ready to assist with your project from start to finish. We will gather, clean and explore the data and present it visually for more insights.


Data Exploration

If all you need is just to see what your data means, we do data exploration from your current data and uncover patterns and characteristics with summary statistics and visualization.

Data Warehousing

Data storage and security are critical to data so as the accessibility of  data for Exploratory Data Analysis. We manage your data in a secured cloud storage and would assist to build business models to interpret the insights of your operations, in statistics and visualization. 

Let Us Show You What Your Data Is Saying To You!